Murdered: Soul Suspect worth investigating?

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The scores are in for Murdered: Soul Suspect, and from the initial critic reactions it looks like the game already has one foot in the grave.

The game, which is due to release locally for PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One, and PC on 6 June 2014, sees you playing as Ronan – a man who was murdered and has to track down his killer as a ghost.

Murdered: Soul Suspect was sitting on 57% for PS4 on Metacritic at the time of publication. Aggregated scores for the PS3, PC, Xbox 360, and Xbox One version were not in at the time of publication. Here are what the experts had to say about the game.

Joystiq – 3.5/5 (PS4)

The mystery at the heart of Murdered really is excellent, and putting the pieces together crime scene by crime scene should satisfy many an armchair sleuth. The hidden ghost stories are well worth finding, and though Ronan is a bit of a dull fish, the people who surround him are worth getting to know, however briefly.

With some truly great ideas and some unfortunate choices, Murdered: Soul Suspect and its ghostly hero is neither heaven nor hell, but something in between.

GamesRadar – 2.5/5 (PS4)

It’s really sad to see Murdered: Soul Suspect die on its feet. There are some interesting characters and backstory, as well as some really great visuals (depending on what or who you’re looking at), but the game’s strengths are haunted by mediocre gameplay and substandard production values.

You won’t feel any cleverer having solved Soul Suspect’s mystery, nor will you feel tested by its combat; it’s a death that’s all the more depressing because of how quickly you’ll forget it.

Kotaku – No

The game doesn’t do much with any of this potential. So if you’re in the mood for a tense, murder-driven adventure game, I would just recommend dusting off a copy of something like Heavy Rain instead.

Actually, now that I think about it, I’m sort of jealous of all the people in Salem’s police station who had copies of Deus Ex: Human Revolution installed on their desktops. Maybe I’ll go play that instead.

IGN – 5.5/10 – PC

There are some great concepts in Murdered: Soul Suspect, but they feel undercooked or underutilised, and the lack of demand for any real input from us makes Murdered feel like a pick-a-path game where there’s only one path.

It scrapes by on the power of its central whodunnit mystery, but I can’t help but feel that Murdered: Soul Suspect is ten hours worth of unfinished business.

CVG – 5/10 – (PS4)

There’s space in this genre to be sure – only LA Noire has come close to presenting an engaging, police-based, modern point-and-click adventure – but any new contenders need to pay far more attention to the actual police work underpinning them.

Without doing so the conclusion we’ll keep deducing is that crime may not pay, but it sure is tedious to bring to justice. Conclusion – Frustrating and unrewarding crime solving surrounded by inconsistent gameplay systems.

The Escapist – 2.5/5 (PS4)

Murdered: Soul Suspect has some neat concepts, but it is not a success. A few elements of its supernatural murder mystery may hold your interest, but it ultimately feels hollow because it lacks any real challenge or entertainment in solving that mystery.

Murdered: Soul Suspect

Murdered: Soul Suspect

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Murdered: Soul Suspect worth investigating?

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