Diablo 3: Ultimate Evil Edition review roundup

Diablo 3: Ultimate Evil Edition arrived on the PS4, PS3, Xbox One, and Xbox 360 on 19 August 2014.

The game bundles Diablo 3 and its expansion Reaper of Souls into one package, and provides the first taste of Diablo for the latest consoles.

So, how did this mega-ultimate bundle do in the eyes of the critics? Let’s find out.

First up, the Metacritic scores.

Diablo 3: Ultimate Evil Edition
Platform Metacritic Score
PS4 90
Xbox One 87
Xbox 360 N/A

Next, on to the international critics.

GameSpot  – 9/10 (PS4 and Xbox One)

Diablo 3: Ultimate Evil Edition feels like the happy conclusion of a two-year public beta, with the initial purchasers on PC bearing much of the grief with the auction house and the slow pace to reach level 60.

Those who have held off up to this point will benefit the most, while those who got a head start on the PlayStation 3 or Xbox 360 versions will be able to transfer their saves to their new gen console of choice.

It’s just a shame that some newcomers won’t appreciate what the early adopters went through to make the fantastic game it is today.

US Gamer – 5/5 (PS4)

All told, Diablo III continues to be very strong on console. Paying another $60 for Ultimate Evil Edition will likely be a little hard for early adopters to swallow, but it’s tough to forgo Reaper of Souls, which really is an essential addition to Diablo III.

Curious newcomers are of course strongly encourage to pick up a copy. After all the arguments and controversy that surrounded the original release, Diablo III has truly come into its own on both console and PC. Enjoy it.

Giant Bomb – 4/5 (PS4)

It’s great with a group and fine if you’re playing alone, but I’d still say that, if you’re able, the PC version is the one to get unless you’re specifically looking for a local co-op mode.

Barring that, though, the console versions of Diablo III are well-built and adapted to a controller quite well, so at some point it becomes a matter of preference.

If you’re excited about the genre and love to smash enemies to watch a series of numbers go up as you collect better and better gear, this is a good way to fulfill those needs.

Eurogamer – 9/10 (PS4)

Coming from tens of hours spent in the PC version, I suspect rarity is much more common here – an odd sentence to type, perhaps, but a pleasure to behold all the same.

I had a legendary drop in the first half-hour, for example – a Monster Hunter sword, its blade gluey with blood. I had three more legendary items well before the end of the second act, and eight by the time I was ready to start Reaper. Have the loot tables received an additional tweaking?

Time will tell.

IGN – 9.2/10 (PS4 and Xbox One)

This is the third time I’ve reviewed some version of Diablo 3, and each time I’ve been met by a better, more refined experience. Ultimate Evil Edition collects the entirety of that experience in a slick new wrapper, giving console owners a complete, and uncompromised version of Diablo 3.

Metro – 8/10 (PS4)

Pros: Satisfying combat with highly versatile character classes. Smartly console-ified controls, with improved co-op options. Useful tweaks and new additions, with clever use of friends lists.

Cons: Deceptively linear and relatively short, in terms of the main campaign. Limited enemy artificial intelligence and awful storytelling.

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Diablo 3: Ultimate Evil Edition review roundup

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