Avowed release date leaked

The Games Showcase featured many new trailers and among them was a trailer for the upcoming Avowed – the next game set in the Pillars of Eternity universe from Obsidian Entertainment.

The trailer offered insights into the game’s setting and story by highlighting how the player character will be faced with the serious decision of determining the fate of the Living Lands.

This will seemingly involve siding with one of three factions, the Emperor who sent you to the Living Stands, an angry fanatic who wants claim control, and a local presence looking for a protector.

Given Obsidian and previous games in the universe, its quite possible there will be other options for ending the game beyond these three factions as well.

However, one unintended bit of information that was released was the potential release date for the title – that being 12 November this year.

This leak was made in blog post, which has since been edited, with comments from Carrie Patel, the Game Director for Avowed.

Given the swiftness of this change it could indicated this leak is accurate.

You can watch the trailer for Avowed’s story, below.

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Avowed release date leaked

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