Ryse confirmed as Xbox One exclusive


Crytek’s first-person Roman kick and stab-a-thon, Ryse, has been confirmed as an exclusive that will arrive on Microsoft’s recently-unveiled Xbox One console.

The confirmation comes through Crytek’s website, which lists the game as “exclusively for Xbox One”, and now describes the game as “controller-based gameplay enhanced by Kinect”.

There is also a countdown clock, which ties in with E3 2013, so expect some more details and a full reveal when the giant gaming show swoops in to Los Angeles.

Ryse is a title that has been in development at Crytek for quite some time. The game was originally announced at E3 2011 for Xbox 360, and was said to use Kinect. The game is set in the Roman Empire period, and uses motion gestures to shield, attack and execute enemies.

Source: Crytek

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Ryse confirmed as Xbox One exclusive

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