Forza 5 Xbox One needs huge day one update

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With the Xbox One launch now finally underway in the United States and twelve other countries, fans are clocking in some time with their launch titles before they get some sleep. Many Forza 5 fans have cautioned others to rather install the game and then let it update, however, because there’s a big day one patch.

Forza 5 still needs its own patch to enable offline mode for the game and to install additional content. The update weighs in at around 6GB according to reports on NeoGAF and will allow you to begin playing the game at 13% completion.

“This download is simply additional cars and tracks. The gameplay is not blocked while downloading the additional content; it’s done in the background just like disc install,” said Turn 10 lead studio director Dan Greenawalt in an interview with Computer and VideoGames back in July 2013. “Players who don’t connect to Xbox Live will still be able to play the game, but they won’t be able to finish it.”

Turn 10’s debut for next-gen relies heavily on the Xbox Live cloud and uses it to replace the game’s AI wherever player Drivatars are available. Drivatars are basically ghost cars that use another player’s lap times to replace the AI that would normally drive the cars. Because it’s difficult to create a linear difficulty curve in a racing simulation, Turn 10 instead relies on matching your level to that of other players who have completed laps around a race. As your skill increases, so to do the Drivatars that you’re matched up against.

“In the beginning of the game, the player will be racing against Drivatars that are contained on the disc and were trained by the development team,” he explained. “While playing, the player will be asked to connect to Live in order to download a completely fresh set of player-created Drivatar opponents – it’s not a lot of data, but the download contains enough Drivatars to cover all difficulty settings.”

Source: NeoGAF, CVG

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Forza 5 Xbox One needs huge day one update

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