Xbox One USB mod adds mouse and keyboard support

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Microsoft’s Xbox One has compatibility with few peripherals and breaks support for a lot of older, expensive controllers and arcade sticks that work on the Xbox 360 platform.

However, one company is making sure that fans will be able to continue using whichever controllers they may own by using the CronusMAX USB controller adapter.

The CronusMAX is a USB controller adapter that presents itself to the Xbox One as a regular Xbox One controller. It then captures key inputs from various supported devices and relays that information to the console. The adapter is currently supported by modding outfit Team Xecuter, who has made previous versions of the CronusMAX compatible with the Xbox 360 and PS3.

“This is perfect for those who love their old 360 controllers, or had a real expensive modded 360 controller and now don’t have to worry about buying another, or want that extra edge by playing with a keyboard and mouse” the modding outfit explained. “You no longer have to buy new controllers for your consoles when the older ones already work perfectly well.”

The CronusMAX doesn’t require any diving into the developer menus and won’t void your warranty either. There are software updates made available for it frequently and the list of compatible devices increases week by week. The device even has a wireless receiver built inside so that one may hook up their controllers without the hassle of an extra-long USB cable.

Lag appears imperceptible, but there will be a slight delay as information is exchanged between the CronusMAX and the console. Additionally, the adapter works with a number of different controllers from third-party companies and even boasts support for the Wii U Pro controller, the wireless Xbox 360 controller for Windows desktops, and quite a few arcade sticks.

The video below shows how far Team Xecuter has come in adding support for the Xbox One to the CronusMAX and the bonus demonstration at the end shows a perfectly working, mostly lag-free keyboard and mouse experience.

Sadly the CronusMAX is not available locally, but interested gamers can order the controller adapter from CronusMAX partners listed on their retail website.

Source: Team Xecutor, CronusMAX, Eurogamer

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Xbox One USB mod adds mouse and keyboard support

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