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Custom Controllers

Custom controllers are popular among hardcore console gamers, and there are many options to choose from when purchasing customised hardware.

Whether you’re a PlayStation or Xbox gamer, you can head over to to design yourself the perfect gaming controller, focussing on every single detail and modifying the gamepad to your heart’s content.

PC gamers can of course also make use of this service, and although it is easier to use an Xbox One controller with a Windows machine, the PlayStation 4 controller can work too.

There are various other websites offering online customisation services that are also worth checking out, such as EvilControllers, ControllerChaos and ModdedZone.

Check out how you can design your own dream gaming controller below.

PlayStation 4 Controller

The PlayStation 4 Controller features a variety of customisation options, with the ability to add extra buttons and change the finish in different ways.

All modifications will ramp up the price however, and the controller can become quite expensive if you get carried away, as you can see below.

This website lets you view all the changes you make in a real-time window, which unfortunately doesn’t offer 3D rotation.

(Click on image to zoom in)

PS4 Custom controller

Xbox One Controller

The Xbox One controller is slightly more customisable than the PlayStation 4 controller.

The controller can also be viewed in the webpage’s dedicated window, although unlike the PS4 version, the Xbox One customisation page displays the back of the controller in addition to the front.

(Click on image to zoom in)

Xbox One custom controller


The website is based in the United States, so in addition to the fairly hefty price tag your dream controller will inevitably rack up, you will have to worry about shipping charges.

International deliveries can also take up to 4 weeks, according to the website’s help page.

Designing and buying your own dream controller may be quite expensive, but if you want the ultimate personalised gaming controller regardless of price, the amount of modification allowed by services such as these is the perfect solution.

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Design and order your dream gaming controller

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