Uncapped gaming data: Telkom add-on launched

Telkom officially unveiled its Do Movies promotion and Do Gaming add-on for its capped ADSL customers at the rAge expo in Johannesburg on Friday, 4 October 2013.

The Do Gaming add-on, available from Friday for a free 30 day trial, provides uncapped data to the PlayStation Network, Xbox Live, Battle.net, Steam, Origin, and the Do Gaming servers.

This includes online gaming, and downloading games or patches from these services.

After the trial period, the Do Gaming add-on will be available for R49/month from 1 November 2013.

Running from 1 October 2013 to 31 March 2014, the Do Movies promotion will offer Telkom Internet subscribers uncapped data for DStv CatchUp online, DStv BoxOffice online, iTunes, and Samsung Video Hub.

Telkom Internet head Erna Korff said it’s important to note that some media platforms such as YouTube and Netflix are excluded from the unmetered Do Movies promotion.

Data will not be deducted from your cap when using any of the above services on a Telkom Internet DSL account.

Update: Korff has confirmed in a Q&A session that the unmetered data for iTunes and Samsung Video Hub apply to any device that can access those services. Subscribers also have to be on at least Telkom Internet’s 5GB soft capped package and a 1Mbps line. According to Korff, this translates to a R20 increase in the account pricing from the 1GB to the 5GB package for those customers that need to upgrade.

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  • Alex Rowley

    That’s actually a great idea, I wonder if they will regret doing this when they find out how big the games are going to get with ps4 lol

  • The_Imp_ZA

    Where can I get this add on? I currently have a 1mb line with 40GB cap with Telkom, this is something I’d be very interested in. Could you guys post a link or something please.

  • ArchieChoke

    So worried about their shaping rules.

  • YuuZA

    Trust me when i say that they know and had this planned for a long time ;-).

  • YuuZA

    Some would argue that there isn’t any shaping :). It is a 30 day trial (free right?) so i can’t imagine it would be hard to try, i am on uncapped 10MB but see this as a nice addon so i can grab PS+ stuff. Xbox live members can also benefit.

  • YuuZA

    You already qualify as far as i can see on the site. Goto Telkomsa.net and look for the 40GB all access under the Offerings Tab. It states below that DSTV etc are uncapped…

Uncapped gaming data: Telkom add-on launched

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