Cheapest uncapped ADSL in SA: price comparison

ADSL data pricing has been coming down steadily over the years, and so we have gathered up all the latest offers from prominent South African Internet Service Providers (ISPs) to find out who has the cheapest deal on offer.

This article covers consumer level ADSL costs (hence no mention of the more expensive business-grade ADSL services).

A few housekeeping notes on acquiring ADSL Internet connectivity in South Africa – there are three core elements to consider:

1. You will need to rent a Telkom analogue (voice) line before you can get an ADSL service – this currently costs R157 per month.

2. You will need to rent ADSL line access from Telkom, and this comes at various service level speeds. This portion of the service can be managed by your preferred ISP or be done through Telkom directly. It is worth noting that some ISPs (such as Afrihost) offer DSL line rental below Telkom’s cost so it’s worth shopping around. Telkom’s line rental rates are summarised below.

Telkom voice and ADSL line rental prices

Service Voice line rental ADSL access Total price
2Mbps ADSL R157 R165 R322
4Mbps ADSL R157 R299 R457
10Mbps ADSL R157 R425 R582
20Mbps VDSL R157 R540 R697
40Mbps VDSL R157 R795 R952

3. You will need an ADSL data account from an ISP in order to access the Internet. This portion of the service does not necessarily involve Telkom (although Telkom Internet ISP does offer standalone data products). Consumers can choose to have their ISP handle both their ADSL line rental and data provision, often at a slight discount compared to the consumer managing these elements of ADSL separately themselves.

Cheapest Uncapped ADSL in South Africa

The table below lists uncapped ADSL offers by service speed and monthly pricing from a range of ISPs. The first portion of the table lists standalone (data-only) uncapped ADSL products. The second portion of the table lists bundled ADSL line rental + uncapped data products.

Standalone (data-only) uncapped ADSL account prices

1Mbps data-only ADSL accounts
Openweb Everyday Uncapped R159
Incredible Connection R164
Cybersmart R165
Web Africa R179
Plugg R183
Axxess R195
Afrihost R197
MWEB (premium) R199
Imaginet R199
Vox (@lantic) R199
2Mbps data-only ADSL accounts
Incredible Connection (promotional price) R99
Openweb Everyday Uncapped R195
Cybersmart R195
MWEB (standard) R199
Telkom do Uncapped R199
Web Africa R199
Vox (@lantic) R239
Axxess R265
Imaginet R289
Afrihost R297
Plugg R312
MWEB (premium) R369
4Mbps data-only ADSL accounts
MWEB (standard) R239
Telkom do Uncapped R249
Incredible Connection R260
Openweb Everyday Uncapped R295
Cybersmart R295
Web Africa R299
Axxess R325
Vox (@lantic) R359
Imaginet R389
Plugg R395
Afrihost R397
MWEB (premium) R539
6Mbps data-only ADSL accounts
MWEB (standard) R359
Plugg R580
MWEB (premium) R699
8Mbps data-only ADSL accounts
Plugg R897
10Mbps data-only ADSL accounts
Cybersmart R375
Vox (@lantic) R399
Axxess R495
Web Africa R499
Incredible Connection R499
Openweb Everyday Uncapped R549
Telkom do Uncapped R574
MWEB (standard) R599
Imaginet R789
Afrihost R797
MWEB (premium) R999
Plugg R1,195
20Mbps data-only VDSL accounts
Cybersmart R675
Axxess R955
Openweb Everyday Uncapped R995
Afrihost R997
MWEB R1,199
Telkom do Uncapped R1,209
Imaginet R1,859
Plugg R2,084
40Mbps data-only VDSL accounts
Cybersmart R995
Axxess R1,295
Afrihost R1,397
MWEB R2,199
Telkom do Uncapped R2,309
Imaginet R2,659
Plugg R3,659

Bundled (ADSL line rental + data account) uncapped ADSL account prices

1Mbps bundled ADSL accounts*
Cybersmart R295
Afrihost R297
Axxess R299
Web Africa R329
MWEB (premium) R339
Imaginet R349
*ADSL line rental in this category is for 2Mbps
2Mbps bundled ADSL accounts
MWEB (standard) R339
Cybersmart R349
Web Africa R349
Telkom do Uncapped Basic R354
Axxess R396
Afrihost R397
Imaginet R439
MWEB (premium) R509
4Mbps bundled ADSL accounts
MWEB (standard) R449
Axxess R499
Telkom do Uncapped Advance R548
Web Africa R549
Cybersmart R579
Afrihost R597
Imaginet R658
MWEB (premium) R769
6Mbps bundled ADSL accounts
MWEB (standard) R689
MWEB (premium) R1,059
10Mbps bundled ADSL accounts
Cybersmart R779
Axxess R799
Afrihost R897
Web Africa R899
MWEB (standard) R959
Telkom do Uncapped Premium Plus R999
Imaginet R1,120
MWEB (premium) R1,359
20Mbps bundled VDSL accounts
Cybersmart R1,199
Axxess R1,299
Afrihost R1,397
MWEB R1,689
Telkom do Uncapped Elite R1,749
Imaginet R2,525
40Mbps bundled VDSL accounts
Cybersmart R1,759
Axxess R1,899
Afrihost R1,997
Imaginet R2,525
MWEB R2,939
do Uncapped Elite Plus R3,104

What do you think of the current pricing state of uncapped ADSL in South Africa? Let us know in the comments and forum.

Please note that all prices were accurate at the time of publication.

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  • Mario Shiakallis

    So inevitably you have to go through Telkom? What a crying shame.
    My line drops out more times a day than the amount I pay for the line rental monthly.

  • ZA

    1mb bundled uncapped business acc for R299.00 per month is what I have. I average around 200 gigs a month usage. Try and beat that…

  • Zain

    Uncapped is nice… but what about uncapped and unshaped?… it’s pretty crap having an unlimited about of data if you’re crippled by shaping!.

  • AVJ

    I don’t understand why Mweb & Afrihost’s Premuim Uncapped prices dropped already?

  • Anthony Selkirk

    Telkom really needs to up their game. I live in an area that they say supports 4Mbps but the most I can get is 2Mbps because of noise and such 🙁

  • Cheap uncapped is not useful if you get the crap shaped out of you for using 40GB a week. Fair use is a good thing, but really with things like Steam and the size of some games you hit that stupid quick. Then throw in streaming. 720P is around 3GB per hour.

  • Pur!Fier

    Dont even get me started… Oh boy…

  • Wurnman

    I see a lot of Throttled parts with regards to MWEB who i am currently with. Either they are being truthful and the other companies not or they are bastards for doing this.

  • UltimateNinjaPandaDudeGuy

    The uncapped model only really works on networks where the user has low bandwidth. You will see them slowly moving towards highers caps (as I an have predicted before and they are doing now.)

    If someone gave me 300GB unshaped on a 10mbps line for total price under R900 I would take it right now.

  • Are you saying why they “haven’t” dropped already?

    I’m sure they will argue service quality in relation to shaping and throttling.

  • Darren Hill

    Are you with Mweb by any chance? I used to drop with them so often that it drove me mad, moved over to Telkom and no drops since…. Weird I know.

  • Mario Shiakallis

    I am indeed with MWEB.
    Well seems like its due time I look into an alternative then. Thanks

  • Paul Cassells

    Afrihost offer unshaped 300gb (150+150) capped accounts for R599 p/m. Add that to R425 for your 10mb ADSL line rental and your total is R1,024.00pm, which is not far off your R900 budget 🙂

  • Darren Hill

    What helped a bit thought was changing “ADSL mode” on my router from ADSL+ or ADSL2 to GMT, but yeah I would get resets every 48hrs regardless and no1 could help me resolve it.

  • UltimateNinjaPandaDudeGuy

    You forgot the R180 for the phone line rental. 😛

    I am patiently waiting for them to make a bundled capped offer that gets closer to what I want. Until then I am on 10mbps uncapped bundle. Total cost of about R1080.

  • Quentin Campbell

    Sorry for the OT. But where can I get the article image without the text?

  • Try using 😉

  • Just use the Afrihost free 1GB, or buy some cheap prepaid data from another ISP and put the settings into your router to check. Easier than cancelling with MWEB, signing up elsewhere only to find out you have the same problem 🙁

  • Quentin Campbell

    Haha, Thanks Chris!

  • Bl1zz4rd

    I’ve got a similar problem. Area capable of 4Mbps, tried a 4Mbps account a while back and the most I could get was 3. It’s very disappointing.

    According to Telkom I’m too far from my local exchange, making my attenuation high. The solution is their installing a signal booster in my area, but they can’t give an ETC (no surprises). I asked years ago.

  • #No-Etoll

    Is that dog watching …

  • Letha Mazibuko

    Its sad really…Here am I with Telkom beginning to settle with less knowing I paid for more..after seeing all the comments It makes one wonder if there is hope else-where ?

  • Mmusi Siwayo

    ok so which is the best uncapped ADSL package provider?.. with everything you guys talked about here considered.

Cheapest uncapped ADSL in SA: price comparison

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