SA broadband prices aren’t totally rubbish

Point Topic has released its Q4 2014 broadband tariff country scorecard, which shows that South Africa’s entry-level broadband prices are lower than most countries.

The average price for broadband in SA, though, is more expensive than most countries.

The broadband tariff country scorecard compares entry-level and average tariffs from a pool of 2,674 residential broadband services from 279 operators in 85 countries.

The Point Topic study shows that Poland had the lowest entry-level tariff, followed by India, Vietnam, and Japan. South Africa came in at 27 out of 85 countries.

Looking at the average tariffs per country for residential services, Japan leads the way with Libya in second position followed by Ukriane and then Russia. SA was in 63rd position.

The chart below shows Point Topic’s broadband tariff findings. The countries at the top of the chart are the countries offering the lowest tariffs.

Broadband prices per country

Broadband prices per country

Article courtesy of MyBroadband

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SA broadband prices aren’t totally rubbish

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