Most affordable uncapped ADSL and VDSL prices locally

Uncapped ADSL and VDSL in South Africa

Webafrica recently dropped its uncapped ADSL prices following a decrease in the pricing of its capped ADSL products.

Webafrica’s new uncapped pricing starts at R79 per month for a 1Mbps service, and goes up to R1,325 for a 40Mbps package.

We have compared the ISP’s new pricing to that of local competitors – providing an overview of the cheapest uncapped ADSL deals in South Africa.

Please note that the pricing below is for the uncapped data product only, and does not include ADSL or analogue line rental.

Uncapped ADSL Pricing
Line speed ISP Price per month
1Mbps MWEB R79
1Mbps Webafrica R79
1Mbps Vox Telecom R89
1Mbps OpenWeb R99
1Mbps Axxess R195
1Mbps Afrihost R197
2Mbps OpenWeb R149
2Mbps Vox Telecom R169
2Mbps Webafrica R185
2Mbps Cybersmart R195
2Mbps Crystal Web R195
2Mbps MWEB R199
2Mbps Telkom R229
2Mbps Axxess R265
2Mbps Afrihost R297
4Mbps MWEB R239
4Mbps Webafrica R249
4Mbps OpenWeb R249
4Mbps Telkom R286
4Mbps Vox Telecom R289
4Mbps Cybersmart R295
4Mbps Crystal Web R295
4Mbps Axxess R325
4Mbps Afrihost R397
10Mbps Cybersmart R375
10Mbps Vox Telecom R389
10Mbps OpenWeb R399
10Mbps Webafrica R475
10Mbps Crystal Web R495
10Mbps Axxess R495
10Mbps MWEB R539
10Mbps Telkom R574
10Mbps Afrihost R797
20Mbps Cybersmart R675
20Mbps OpenWeb R799
20Mbps Webafrica R925
20Mbps Axxess R955
20Mbps Crystal Web R995
20Mbps Afrihost R997
20Mbps Telkom R999
20Mbps MWEB R999
40Mbps Cybersmart R995
40Mbps Axxess R1,295
40Mbps Webafrica R1,325
40Mbps Crystal Web R1,395
40Mbps Afrihost R1,397
40Mbps Telkom R1,439
40Mbps MWEB R1,799

This article originally appeared on MyBroadband and is republished with permission.

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Most affordable uncapped ADSL and VDSL prices locally

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