Twitch considers change to its transparency policy

According to the Washington Post, Twitch is considering informing banned streamers of the reason for their bans in the form of a notification email which may even include clips of the infraction.

“This is a number-one ask from our community,” said Twitch vice president of trust and safety Angela Hession.

“We’re looking at how we can attach more details for people to understand [the ban] and specifics and clarity will be given when the company figures out how it wants to implement this feature,” she added.

At present, Twitch’s policy does not require the company to give any comment on streamer bans, and this extends to the streamer themselves, who may never know what they did exactly to warrant the ban.

A well-known streamer named Dr Disrespect is an example of this, as he got banned from Twitch in June 2020.

There was plenty of speculation as to the reasons for his ban, but it is still unknown why exactly the streamer was handed the permanent ban from the platform.

How it works

While Hession stated that “specifics and clarity” will follow soon, the basics of the company’s transparency changes are relatively straightforward.

Twitch will disclose the specifics of the ban, including the evidence, to the streamer in question.

It is then up to the streamer whether to make those details public or not.

This notification policy consideration seems to be long overdue, and it’s puzzling as to why this change hasn’t come sooner.

Additionally, Twitch has recently added an “appeals portal” which gives users the option of challenging any given ban.

This is an important feature for many, especially for those that rely on the company for their income.

While this is good news for many streamers, the appeal portal doesn’t seem to improve your odds of overturning a ban.

According to the global vice president of safety operations Rob Lewington, less than 1% of appeals are successful.

He says that this is because Twitch regularly double-checked decisions to make sure they aligned with the platform’s guidelines.

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Twitch considers change to its transparency policy

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