Fallout series gets earlier release date

The hotly anticipated Fallout series’ release date has been moved up by one day and will arrive on 10 April.

This comes after the release date was moved to 11 April several weeks ago in an unexpected and appreciated decision from Prime Video.

The announcement was first made at the NCAA Men’s Basketball Championship Game on Monday and then later confirmed in a tweet.

In the tweet from the Fallout X account, it was also revealed that the series would be dropping at 3am SAST (6pm PT).

This move-up in release date is especially significant for those looking forward to the series due to Amazon dropping all eight episodes at once.

The Fallout series comes from Amazon MGM Studios in conjunction with Kilter Films and Bethesda Game Studios.

It follows Vault Dweller Lucy, the Brotherhood of Steel’s Maximus, and The Ghoul as they navigate the dangers of the world.

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Fallout series gets earlier release date

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