Badass stripping, PC prowess, and a caffeinated bunny

Following all the critical acclaim, Borderlands 2 released this week in South Africa, along with some bugs and problems that plagued the game. Despite the hiccups, gamers were happy to be back on Pandora.

We also got a lot of information about the big upcoming games and how they’re going to test your PCs.

So check out the biggest local and international gaming news this week.


>> Games you can play this week
>> A brief history of video games
>> FIFA 13 review roundup
>> 5 retrotastic video game demakes
>> Hard drive pricing in SA compared

Local news

>> Toxic Bunny HD just the beginning for Celestial Games
>> Gaming events this week
>> SA gaming specials this weekend
>> Resident Evil 6 pre-order price roundup
>> rAge 2012: Mario Kart 7 tournament registrations
>> e-Sports at rAge 2012: what to expect

News you should check out

>> League of Legends DDoS attacks addressed by Riot
>> Gamers are incredibly savvy internet users
>> Assassin’s Creed III: is your PC up for the fight?
>> Mass Effect Trilogy box-set announced for PS3, PC, Xbox
>> Wii U launch lineup confirmed
>> Black Ops II Zombies trailer and details
>> Star Wars Hoth battle recreated in Minecraft
>> Co-op games promote co-operative behaviour
>> Dead Space 3: should your PC fear it?

>> Carmageddon Reincarnation devs eye console version
>> Far Cry 3 won’t be coming to Wii U
>> Borderlands 2 level-cap reached in 43 hours
>> IGN’s brilliant sci-fi movie timeline
>> Borderlands 2 bug strips Badass ranks
>> Just Cause creators want to be “the best open world developer”
>> Far Cry 3: can your PC run it?
>> Angry Birds spin-off Bad Piggies comes to PC for R140
>> Sony: “PS3 has an incredible lineup for the next 2-3 years”
>> Borderlands 2 box art plagiarised from popular artist

Videos you should check out

>> Terrible nightmares, burnt rubber, and the fight for freedom
>> Savage zombies and high-octane superheroes


>> Guild Wars 2 review


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Badass stripping, PC prowess, and a caffeinated bunny

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