SA vs the world: best countries to be a Steam gamer

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Steam recently added a new section to its statistics page – the Steam Global Traffic Map – and we have been having some fun looking over the information.

How it works: The map shows which countries have the fastest broadband connections and download the most games, based on Steam-using citizens. The data is refreshed to show Steam’s most recent seven days of activity.

This gives us an insight into how countries from far, far away play their games online, and a point against which we can compare ourselves.

With this in mind, we put together two tables: one ranking total Steam traffic, and one ranking Steam-users’ broadband speeds. Take a look, below.

(Remember, these stats are for Steam’s most recent seven days of usage at the time of writing.)

Total Traffic

Steam Global Traffic
Country Total bytes downloaded % of global Steam traffic
USA 16.7PB 21.2%
Russia 7.4PB 9.4%
Germany 5.2PB 6.6%
United Kingdom 3.9PB 5%
France 2.5PB 3.1%
South Africa 99.2TB 0.1%

Global Speeds

Steam Global Speeds
Country Total bytes downloaded Average download speed
South Korea 1.2PB 50.7Mbps
Japan 768.6TB 33.7Mbps
Netherlands 837.5TB 27.2Mbps
Sweden 1.2PB 23.9Mbps
Romania 396.1TB 23.8Mbps
South Africa 99.2TB 1.8Mbps

As you can see, USA rules the world in video game downloads, while South Korea is the place to be if you enjoy gaming online.

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SA vs the world: best countries to be a Steam gamer

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