What Sony needs to do to impress at E3

PS4 E3 2015

With E3 just around the corner, Sony has a lot of selling to do. Their priority needs to be increasing the amount of games on offer for the PS4 to combat the juggernaut that is Microsoft’s lineup at E3.

Above and beyond, the PS4 is now lacking a major first party title with Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End being delayed until 2016.  How will Sony cope?

Project Morpheus brings forth the VR matrix

Project Morpheus

Sony needs to make us care about VR and its applications within gaming. Project Morpheus has potential.

For Sony, Project Morpheus could be a make and break piece of VR hardware for the company. Virtual reality is all the rage now with the popularity of the Oculus Rift and the rise in interest for VR gaming.

But Sony will have to do far more than simply cater to a niche audience. If Sony can make VR gaming accessible for the typical gamer and sell it a solid price point, as opposed to the Oculus Rifts’ pricey requirements, they will definitely have our interest at the very least, and our money at the most.

Third party games are Sony’s bread and butter

No Man's Sky

Sony will definitely be hyping up No Man’s Sky. If not, they are making a huge mistake.

There’s no point in contending that for E3 this year Sony is sorely lacking in the first party title department. We bet Sony will be fervently pushing No Man’s Sky the space sim adventure game with a procedurally generated universe, currently in development by Hello Games.

Although No Man’s Sky will be receiving an eventual PC release, most gamers are steadily associating with the PS4’s indie game line-up. The game is jaw-dropping and really brings something unique and fresh to the console. If Sony don’t heavily promote the game during E3, their press conference will be sorely lacking.

However, we also suspect that will be some new indie game titles announced for release on the PS4. Because as we all know Sony is all about loving the indies at the moment.

Knowing Sony’s love for third party developers, they may also be punting Grass Manufacture’s Let It Die which is a free-to-play hack-and-slash game. That would be an interesting choice for Sony to promote during their E3 conference and would offer some diversity among their other games.

Open world RPG goodness from Guerrilla Games


An open world RPG from the makers of Killzone. This sounds to good to be true.

After a leak last year, we’ve heard mutters and mumbles of a new open world RPG from Guerrilla Games called Horizon. The game is a new IP from the developer and looks to be an open world RPG which combines elements from Mass Effect and games like Destiny.

If it hits all the right buttons, then this could be a great game. It would be a departure for the studio so entrenched in the first person shooter genre. But it would be very refreshing.

If Horizon isn’t the case then another guess could be a Killzone: Shadow Fall sequel. Despite the game’s lukewarm reception and impressive graphics, it wasn’t the high-performer needed, much like Knack for the launch of the PS4. Nonetheless, it was a solid shooter and could possibly get a sequel.

If Sony wants to impress at E3 this year, Horizon would be a far more engaging and intriguing choice for the focus of their conference.

Come on, Mass Effect and Destiny in one game could be awesome.

 Guerrilla Cambridge could be the future for Killzone

Killzone: Mercenary

Killzone: Mercenary was a great game on the PS Vita. A sequel could help revitalise the appeal of the Vita.

Guerrilla Cambridge, the developers behind the well-received Killzone: Mercenary also could be releasing something interesting for E3.

They could perhaps release either a sequel to Killzone: Mercenary for the PS Vita or they could take the Killzone franchise into a new direction on the PS4.

Both would be great ideas and Sony could do something refreshing with the Killzone franchise, revitalising the series somewhat.

Give the PS Vita some love

PS Vita

The PS Vita desperately needs some new games.


Truly, the PS Vita also needs some love. The portable is seriously lacking some serious games for its library. While the PS4 is doing exceptionally well, the same can’t be said of the PS Vita.

If Sony wants to extend the life of the portable, they need to show games at E3 this year. Otherwise, the Vita might just die out sooner than expected.

A new horror IP could be incoming

Sony's Bend Studio

What kind of open world survival horror game could Sony’s Bend Studio be cooking up?

Sony Bend, known for games on the PS Vita such as Uncharted: The Golden Abyss and Fight for Fortune, are reported to be working on a new horror IP. It’s speculated that they are currently developing an open world survival horror game for the PS4.

It has also been suggested that the game will have no zombies, in an attempt to differentiate itself from H1z1 and DayZ.  If the game has high production values and is a sight to behold at the conference, it could really set Sony apart from its competitors.

What about DayZ?

DayZ on PS4

We need to know more about DayZ on PS4.

With all of these new open world survival horror games coming to the fore, where does DayZ fit in, in the PS4’s lineup. Sony will need to show that DayZ will work great on a console like the PS4.

 The open world zombie survival game has a strong PC following and making sure that PS4 gamers get a great experience and showing it at E3 should be on Sony’s to-do-list.

Media Molecule must be set to impress

Media Molecule PS4

Media Molecule will definitely impress us at E3 this year.

We’ve seen Media Molecule do amazing things with Little Big Planet and Tearaway. Their tech demo displayed at E3 last year, which showed off what they were doing with PlayStation Move controllers was fascinating.

Essentially, they allowed players to craft whatever they wanted as a sculptor in a 3D space. We can’t wait to see what they show off this year, and if it’s anything to go by last year’s E3, it should impress.

God of War on PS4 needs to be different

A new God of War game on PS4 would be amazingly brutal.

A new God of War game on PS4 would be amazingly brutal.

Following the realisation that Sony Santa Monica is currently working on a new God of War game, it is more than likely one for the PS4. Whatever the case, God of War on the PS4 will need to impress.

Whether this will be another Greek mythological adventure involving the sword-wielding Kratos is up to Sony Santa Monica’s creative team.

Taking the God of War franchise to a new setting or in a new direction would be great as well, and could help to set Sony apart during E3. In the meantime, you can quench your thirst with the remastered God of War collection heading to a PS4 near you.

Gran Turismo 7 needs to outrun Forza and Project CARS

Gran Turismo 7

Can Gran Turismo 7 outrun Forza?

Gran Turismo 6 couldn’t match up to the latest Forza because it released on the PS3. Polyphony need to make a serious announcement about Gran Turismo 7 on the PS4, to win some of their audience back. And they should should definitely keep Project CARS in mind.

All we need is a cool teaser trailer, even if the game is set for a late release in 2016. If not, more attention will be focused on the Forza franchise which currently has the racing sim crown.

We need to know about The Last Guardian

The Last Guardian PS4

Team ICO don’t let us down.

If Sony doesn’t say something or show off a trailer for The Last Guardian, and says that is currently in development again, we will be disappointed.

Team ICO have developed some of the most mind blowingly beautiful games for the PlayStation 2 library, like Shadow of the Colossus. We need to know about The Last Guardian on PS4, or the will be a high price to pay.

Of course, predictably

We will be seeing AAA games like Black Ops III and Assassin’s Creed Syndicate at the conference as well. We feel strongly that Sony needs to focus on unique offerings for their platforms.

If they can’t do this, then they will be smashed to smithereens by Microsoft’s E3 conference. Sony need to make an effort to distinguish themselves from the rest of the crowd.

If not, they will not make a great showing at E3 and many PS4 gamers will be highly disappointed. We need to be impressed by all of the showings at E3 if publishers and hardware manufacturers expect to pocket our hard earned cash.

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