5 games slipping under-the-radar in 2016

2016 has already got off to a big start with some huge releases so far, but with so much “triple-A” noise dominating the gaming headlines, there’s certain to be a few unsung games slipping past the radar.

Here’s our picks for the under-the-radar games of 2016:

1979 Revolution

1979 Revolution

A new story-driven adventure game by the name of 1979 Revolution is ironically not making enough noise to push through the mainstream games dominating the headlines.

However, this Telltale-style narrative-focused game from iNK Stories looks incredibly promising.

It follows a young photojournalist named Reza and his experiences as he gets caught up in the events leading up to the 1979 Iranian Revolution, a complicated era mostly overlooked in the realm of video games.

What Remains of Edith Finch

What Remains of Edith Finch

The next game from the creators of The Unfinished Swan, What Remains of Edith Finch spans many generations of the Finch family, a cursed bunch who have their only member left in the titular Edith.

She’s trying to explore the history of her family and find out why they’re all dead by playing through their lives and finding out how they died.

It looks to be an interesting adventure that’s sure to be shocking as it is charming.



Besiege is one of the most gorgeous looking physics-based sandbox games out there and has been garnering overwhelmingly positive attention during its year on Steam Early Access.

The game allows you to create anything from standard battering rams to medieval mechs and other ridiculous monstrosities, then let them loose on tiny villages and knights.



The guys behind the impressive platformer Limbo have another moody side-scroller coming our way with Inside.

Information is sparse on this one, beyond a reveal trailer from E3 2014, but we know it’s set to debut on Xbox One and lets you take control of a young boy in a city which looks plagued by ‘something’.

It looks gorgeous and the mystery around it has got our attention.

Unreal Tournament

Unreal Tournament

Odd that an Unreal Tournament game is flying under-the-radar, but a shocking amount of gamers don’t know this game is coming. Even better, it’s going to be completely free. Not free to play. Not freemium. Just good ol’ free.

This game is being made in collaboration between the developer and community. It’s very inspiring to see how this is going, too. Gamers have access to the game’s source code, and of course, the Unreal Editor.

Developer, Epic, still have the ultimate say in the core design, but it’s very cool to see how open they’re being to all of the volunteers that are helping with the games creation.

The pre-alpha is available here.

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5 games slipping under-the-radar in 2016

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