South Africa’s most popular ADSL line speed – how do you compare?

Uncapped ADSL and VDSL in South Africa

According to a recent study released by Akamai, the most popular line speeds in South Africa is 4Mbps, with 42.2% of South African

This is in contrast to over 12.9% of South African who have a 10Mbps line and 7.7% who have a line speed of 15 Mbps.

Those of you who are quick with calculations may point out that these percentages don’t quite add up to 100%, with 37.2% of South African’s having above 15 or below 4 Mbps.

This is also significantly lower than the average broadband speed in South Africa, which is 6.5Mbps.

A total of 12 countries – up from 9 in the previous quarter – enjoyed 4 Mbps broadband adoption rates above 90% with several more in close range. Despite its strong quarterly gain, South Africa again had the lowest 4 Mbps broadband adoption rate in the group by far with just over one in four IP addresses connecting to Akamai at or above the threshold speed.

Israel had the highest average connection speed in the Middle East and Africa with 13.5Mbps, followed by the United Arab Emirates at 8.8Mbps, and Qatar at 8.4Mbps.

Kenya was the top country in Africa, with an average connection speed of 7.3Mbps, followed by South Africa on 6.5Mbps.



How do you compare to South Africa’s (and the rest of Africa’s) line speed? Let us know in the comments below and in our forums.

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South Africa’s most popular ADSL line speed – how do you compare?

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