This elegant wooden desktop arcade is a must-have for retro gamers

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8Bitdo is a company that has a passion for retro gaming, specialising in creating functional retro gadgets such as its unique wireless controllers for the SNES and NES.

This time however, it has created something even cooler – a functional wooden desktop arcade machine.

The company showcased its sleek new machine at Gamescom 2016, posting a number of pictures on its Facebook page.

The hardware is encased in a curved wooden housing, with the device boasting an old-school arcade-style button and joystick setup.

Although 8bitdo has not revealed the specifications of the desktop arcade, the device will definitely be running some form of emulation software such as MAME in order to play retro arcade games.

Whether users will be restricted by a fixed library of titles or if they will be able to load more games onto the machine is currently unknown.

There is no pricing or release date information currently available, but you can check out the photos of the desktop arcade below:

8bitdo desktop arcade 5

8bitdo desktop arcade 4

8bitdo desktop arcade 3

8bitdo desktop arcade 2

8bitdo desktop arcade 1

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This elegant wooden desktop arcade is a must-have for retro gamers