This is the most advanced gaming mouse ever made

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The Swiftpoint Z is a gaming mouse which is currently being funded on the Kickstarter crowdfunding platform.

Described by its creators as the most advanced gaming mouse ever built, the Z offers a dizzying array of control options.

Using a gyroscope and accelerometer, the Z gaming mouse provides users with a revolutionary new way to control, including rolling, pivoting, and tilting the mouse.

These advanced features are built on the mouse’s measurement of Z-axis movement in addition to the conventional X/Y-axis mouse tracking.

The device’s Kickstarter page was launched on 29 June and the project has already doubled its required funds, with $251,576 pledged at the time of writing.

In addition to its Z-axis tracking and gyroscope features, the Swiftpoint Z features tactile feedback, anologue click input and RGB lighting.

Swifpoint Z Mouse Specifications
Optical Sensor 12,000 DPI 5G Pixart
On-board memory Settings stored on-board
Polling rate 1,000Hz
Dedicated Buttons 17
Total Mappable Inputs 80
Z-Axis movement In-air 6-axis analogue control, pivot and tilt.
Extras OLED Screen, Tactile feedback,Gaming Mouse Mat, Cable Cube, RGB lighting.

Find out more about the Swiftpoint Z gaming mouse below:

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This is the most advanced gaming mouse ever made

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