SA hard drive prices compared

Consumers who are in the market for hard disk drive-based may benefit from shopping around at various stores. While most retailers offer the same hard drives for similar prices, bargains can be had if you do a little digging.

Current hard drive pricing remains higher than it was towards the beginning of Q3 2011, as the industry is still feeling the effects of the flood that hit Thailand and crippled hard drive production.

That said, hard drive pricing is steadily reducing towards pre-flood levels, while still being the cheapest form of storage for gamers.

Below is a table with pricing (including VAT) of various Seagate drives, sourced from local retailers including PC International, LandmarkPC, Prophecy, and Sybaritic.

500GB Barracuda 1TB Barracuda 1.5TB Barracuda 2TB Barracuda XT 3TB Barracuda XT
PC International R760.00 R987.00 R967.00 R1214.00 R1717.00
LandmarkPC R772.92 R1002.06 R1098.96 R2059.98 R2707.50
Sybaritic R775.00 R1002.00 R1099.00 R2061.00 R2758.00
Prophecy R820.12 R1020.76 R1117.31 R2079.13 R2515.52
Platter speed 7200rpm 7200rpm 5900rpm 7200rpm 7200rpm
Cache 16MB 32MB 32MB 64MB 64MB
Sata connection 6Gbps 6Gbps 6Gbps 6Gbps 6Gbps

The first thing we notice from the table is that the 2TB and 3TB Barracuda XT from PC International are substantially cheaper than from the other retail stores. The store confirmed that the drives are in fact Barracuda XT drives and not the standard Barracuda drives which sell at other local retailers for the same price.

The 2TB drive from PC International is 41 percent cheaper that the cheapest competition (LandmarkPC), while the 3TB is 31.7 percent cheaper than the next cheapest offering (Prophecy).

Apart from the noticeable difference in high capacity drives, PC International consistently offers the lowest prices across all drives, though to a far lesser degree than the 2TB and 3TB drives.

As for the three online retailers, they are all priced extremely closely on average apart from the 3TB Barracuda XT offering from Prophecy which undercuts the other online stores by around 8 percent.

With the small price difference between the three online retailers, buying online from the store that provides the best after sales service, cheapest delivery and most user friendly site interface makes more sense that switching to a retailer you have no experience with.

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SA hard drive prices compared

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