Gaming comfort gadgets

Nothing beats being comfortable while you game, especially when you’re sitting for hours on end pwning noobs in [game of choice here]. You may think you have everything you could possibly need to keep comfy, but you may have missed out of some of these USB-powered must-haves.

USB can cooler/heater

Don’t you just hate it when your cold/warm beverage of choice ends up being warm/cold in summer/winter? Fear not; an all in one cooling/heating device is here to keep your cold/warm drink cold/warm during long gaming sessions.

Costing just $35, this can cooler/heater keeps drinks down to between 18 and 20 degrees below the ambient temperature, or heats them up to around 20 – 22 degrees, neat.

USB can heater cooler

USB can heater/cooler

USB Hand warming pad

Have you ever felt like sticking your hand into a fish’s mouth and moving your mouse around while gaming? Me too, and it’s even better when the fish is made out of material and has a built in heating pad.

$18 gets you a mouse pad that can keep things at a toasty 42 degrees, banishing cold winter gaming hands.

USB hand warming pad

USB hand warming pad

USB Fingerless heating gloves

If sticking your hand inside a fish isn’t your thing, consider a pair of USB heated fingerless gloves, perfect for gaming (or anything else you can do with a keyboard and mouse) during the winter months.

$20 for 53 degree heated gloves seems fair, and they’ll even work with consoles and laptops.

USB heated gloves

USB heated gloves

USB Bladeless fan

If you want to keep things cool and dry, a USB bladeless fan is about the best peripheral on offer.

The $15 bundle also includes a sponge, “used to soak up filter which in turn produces cold air,” obviously.

USB Bladeless fan

USB Bladeless fan

USB Aroma diffuser

Do you need something that will set the gaming mood with a classy light glow and pungent aroma? This diffuser is just the thing you need.

Powered by either USB or AA batteries, this $24.50 piece of kit brings “Passion, Romance and Relaxation” to your gaming environment – fantastic.

USB aroma diffuser

USB aroma diffuser

USB Humidifier

Do the long winter months have you feeling dry and irritated? Enter the USB mini humidifier, with a 90ml water capacity and 2 hour shut off program.

For $38 you get LED indicator lights and an instruction manual for piece of mind.

USB humidifier

USB humidifier

USB 16 port hub

You’ll have to power all of these peripherals somehow, and using you PC’s built in USB ports can be a bit of a hassle.

With that in mind a 16 port USB hub with external power is perfect, pity about the $159.99 price tag.

If that’s out of budget, consider getting yourself two Dark Vader helmet four-port USB hubs for 49.99, force not included.

16 Port USB hub and Darth Vader hub

16 Port USB hub and Darth Vader hub

Toilet chair

I’m just going to leave this here.

Commode Loo Chair

Commode Loo Chair

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Gaming comfort gadgets

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