Best priced graphics cards in South Africa

If you’re looking to upgrade your graphics card but the leash on your wallet is a bit short, you’ll need to shop around for the best deals on AMD and Nvidia graphics cards.

You might not get a card made by a well known, feature-rich brand such as Asus or Gigabyte, but sometimes these top-end graphics cards are a waste of money anyway.

Here are some of the best prices on mid- to high-end graphics cards from South African retailers.


Nvidia’s latest 600 series of graphics cards released this year brought the fight to AMD in the gaming graphics market. These are a great choice for gamers looking for a mid- to high-end graphics card.

Below are the cheapest GTX670, GTX680, and GTX690 graphics cards from South African online retailers including LandmarkPC, Sybaritic, Rebeltech, Wootware, Prophecy, and Takealot. Graphics cards used were the cheapest of their respective model available from the store, irrespective of brand.

GTX670 GTX680 GTX690
LandmarkPC R4,394.70 (KFA2) R5,563.79 (KFA2) R11,413.68 (MSI)
Sybaritic R4,476.00 (KFA2) R5,667.00 (KFA2) R11,845.00 (MSI)
Rebeltech R4,192.00 (Innovision) R5,241.00 (PNY) R12,552.00 (Gigabyte)
Wootware R4,385.00 (KFA2) R5,477.00 (Inno3D) R11,443.00 (MSI)
Prophecy R4,412.62 (KFA2) R4,999.00 (Inno3D) R13,811.56 (Gigabyte)
Takealot R4,714.00 (Leadtek) R7,008.00 (MSI) N/A

As expected the less prestigious brands come in as the cheapest options for Nvidia graphics cards most of the time, with KFA2 taking budget honours most often.

Interestingly, mid-range manufacturer MSI is also often the cheapest option, though the R7,008.00 MSI GTX680 is slightly misleading. Rather than being a standard edition graphics card, the model on offer at Takealot is in fact the “Lightning Edition”, which is praised by overclockers for potential as a record setting graphics card. The reason it’s featured in the table is simply because it’s the only GTX680 model available from Takealot at the time of writing.

High-end manufacturer Gigabyte features with some of the cheapest models in the GTX690 category, though this was only when the store in question did not stock the cheaper MSI model. It’s common to see mid- and high-range manufacturers offering the cheapest dual-GPU offerings, as many lower-end manufacturers do not produce these high-end cards.

Aside from brands, Rebeltech, Prophecy, and LandmarkPC offer the cheapest GTX670, GTX680, and GTX690 models respectively.

MSI GeForce GTX 680 Lightning


AMD have responded to Nvidia’s 600 range of graphics cards with price adjustments, making them great options within their price class for the budget minded gamer. Below are the cheapest HD7870, HD7950, and HD7970 graphics cards from the same retailers as the Nvidia cards above.

HD7870 HD7950 HD7970
LandmarkPC R3,909.06 (MSI) R4,241.94 (MSI) R5,169.90 (Asus)
Sybaritic R3,510.00 (Club3D) R4,321.00 (MSI) R5,266.00 (Asus)
Rebeltech R3,354.00 (Club3D) R4,132.00 (Asus) R5,177.00 (Asus)
Wootware R3,423.00 (Club3D) R4,213.00 (MSI) R5,235.00 (Asus)
Prophecy R3,528.76 (Club3D) R4,338.84 (MSI) R5,437.34 (Asus)
Takealot R3,591.00 (Club3D) R4,517.00 (MSI) R5,643.00 (Club3D)

Aside from one instance in each graphics card category, a single manufacturer offered the cheapest graphics cards across the entire range of retailers. What is truly surprising is that Asus, one of the world’s top (and most expensive) graphics card manufacturers, offers the cheapest HD7950 and HD7970 in this pricing comparison.

MSI and Club3D are the two other manufacturers that dominate the pricing, representing mid- and lower-range brands respectively.

Rebeltech offers the best pricing on HD7870 and HD7950, while LandmarkPC offers the cheapest HD7970.

Asus HD7950

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Best priced graphics cards in South Africa

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