AMD’s Quantum: An Ultra-small PC with unbelievable performance

AMD Quantum PC

What happens when you CrossFireX two Radeon Fury “Fiji” GPUs, cards that look to be graphical juggernauts, an unknown but supposedly high performing AMD CPU, an all-new and innovative chassis design and, presumably, a bunch of RAM?

Given the number of unknown variables, we wouldn’t expect you to know either.

What AMD assures us is that the result, something they’re calling the Quantum, is a PC with phenomenal performance figures – we’re talking 60 to 90 fps in all games when played at 4K (3840*2160) resolution.

I am really excited to be here today because I am about to unveil the coolest PC and the most exciting PC we have ever made at AMD,” said Chris Hook, director of marketing at AMD, at the PC Gaming Press Conference during E3 2015.

The AMD Quantum also looks seriously cool:

AMD Quantum PC

AMD’s Quantum PC looks as good as it sounds.

The AMD Quantum was concocted by AMD and designed to be whisper silent, ultra-small and happily run without ever overheating in spite of some very high spec hardware components.

How it works, says Hook, is that “all of the processing technology is in the bottom, in the top we have got all the cooling solutions.” As a result, “it is whisper quiet; it is engineered and tooled out of beautiful materials, aluminium and magnesium.

AMD Quantum PC

It’s lightweight too.

The AMD Quantum will ship with Windows 10, fully support DirectX 12 and, in all probability, will cost a pretty penny.

Don’t expect AMD to sell their “most exciting PC” ever at anything less than a premium price.

It looks like the Northwest Falcon Tiki will soon have some serious competition.

Source: KitGuru

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AMD’s Quantum: An Ultra-small PC with unbelievable performance

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