AMD’s new Zen CPUs hit with development issues

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AMD is facing problems trying to incorporate its new Zen on-die chipset with its integrated USB 3.1 controllers, reports TechPowerUp.

“Motherboard manufacturers are noticing significant drops in USB 3.1 bandwidths with increase in circuit distances (think wiring running from the AM4 socket to USB 3.1 front-panel headers on the bottom-right corner of a motherboard).”

“Board designers are reportedly having to use additional retimer and redriver chips to get acceptable bandwidths over such ports, and in some cases even entire USB 3.1 controllers, eating into the platform’s PCIe budget and escalating costs.”

AMD has stated that Zen development is still on track but would not comment further on customer specific board-level solutions.

The first Zen processors are expected to launch by the end of this year.

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AMD’s new Zen CPUs hit with development issues

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