Radeon RX 480 driver update increases performance, fixes power issues

Radeon RX 480

AMD has released a new driver update aimed at fixing the power draw issues of the Radeon RX 480.

The driver solves these issues by allowing the graphics card to draw more power over the PCIe 6-pin connector, lowering the power draw of the PCIe slot to safer levels.

Additionally, the changes to power distribution do not negatively affect performance. In fact, the driver update increases the performance of the Radeon RX 480 by an average of 3.6%.

The driver allows users to toggle compatibility mode, which reduces the total power of the graphics card with minimal performance impact.

In addition to increasing performance of the Polaris GPU and resolving its power distribution problems, the latest drivers also fix stuttering issues in GTA V and graphical errors in Hitman.

Below is the observed performance increase after the driver update:

Game Radeon Software 16.6.2 Radeon Software 16.7.1 Increase
Total War: Warhammer 74.2 78.3 5.5%
Metro Last Light 80.9 82.7 2.2%
Witcher 3 31.5 32.5 3.2%
Far Cry 4 54.7 56.4 3.2%
3DMark11 Extreme 22.8 23.7 3.9%
Average Increase 3.6%

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Radeon RX 480 driver update increases performance, fixes power issues

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