5 awesome accessories for serious Pokemon GO players

Pokemon GO Plus 2

Gamers and Pokemon fans around the world are going crazy for Pokemon GO, with the app breaking user base records.

With the upcoming South African launch of the Pokemon GO Plus wearable accessory, we thought we’d check out some awesome Pokemon GO gadgets.

If you are serious about being the very best, you should check out these awesome accessories for hardcore Pokemon Trainers.

Magic Ball Pokemon Go Power Bank

Price: R499

With Pokemon GO being a serious drain on your battery, most serious players have taken to lugging around power banks with them.

This Poke Ball is actually a massive 10,000mAh power bank which you can use to charge your phone.

Magic Ball Power Bank


Price: N/A

The Pokedrone is currently still in development, but it looks very promising.

The only issue with this product is that it changes the GPS location of the user’s phone, which may conflict with Niantic’s Terms of Service.

Team Hoodies

Price: R459

Dedicated Pokemon Go team members can now own a team hoodie and proudly represent their team on those massive Pokemon GO group hunts.

Pokemon GO hoodies

Pokemon GO Plus

Price: R609

The Pokemon GO Plus wearable accessory can be worn in a variety of ways, and interacts with your Pokemon GO app in order to notify you of nearby Pokemon and other events.

Pokemon GO Plus 2

Team iPhone Cases

Price: $15.19

Wear your team’s colours with pride on your iPhone 6 case. Unfortunately, there is currently no South African pricing available for these products.

Pokemon GO iPhone cases

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5 awesome accessories for serious Pokemon GO players

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