Gaming trends that are slowly dying

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

As the world evolves every day, we have to move with it.

In recent years, the gaming industry has become something completely different compared to what it was say 10 years ago. Digital media is taking over, and things are becoming much more accessible.

Sitting and waiting for my No Man’s Sky countdown to reach zero got me thinking about those old days of heading to the mall at midnight to pick up a game. That, along with a few other things, are dying trends.

Midnight Launches

Just two years ago, gamers would go mad for midnight launches. At midnight on the day a game was releasing, hundreds of gamers would wait patiently outside a store to pick up their game.

Unfortunately, this is now a thing of the past, as digital media and pre-loads have taken over the market. Gamers in South Africa have opted for digital purchases, as our weak Rand has impacted physical media prices drastically.

Instead of waiting for a store, we now sit and wait for a digital clock to count down as midnight approaches and we can finally play our game.

Will we ever get to experience the rush of a midnight launch again? Hopefully the trend finds its way back.

Midnight Launch

Collector’s Editions

As an avid collector myself, I went mad for fancy boxes, figurines, art books, and soundtracks. There was not an edition I did not have. This has changed over past few years however, as less studios are producing them.

We are more likely to see a Digital Collector’s Edition which packs some cool skins, a soundtrack, and some currency in it, rather than a fancier physical edition. I am not saying that there are no more Collector’s Editions – but there are less of them compared to previous generations.

With more digital content and an easier way to distribute, we will probably see this becoming a trend – less books and fancy boxes, and more digital media.

Halo 5 - Guardians Limited Collector’s Edition

Indie Focus

Back in the day, there was no such thing as an Independent Developer. You either made games, or you didn’t.

This changed a while back as these indie studios started releasing their own imaginings to the world, and there was no limit to the art form or direction these games went in.

These indie developers then became a thing, with everyone wanting to invest and follow in their footsteps. Kickstarters and major publisher endorsements helped fund projects, and games were good.

We now live in a world where indie developers are divided by a fine line. You either go with a trend, or your game fails.

Gamers focus less on the idea of it coming from an “indie dev” and more on how well the game has been publicised. We cannot keep up with them all, so this was bound to happen sooner or later.

More and more indie developers are finding it harder to get funding, as it is difficult to keep up in an industry so saturated.

No Man's Sky

Multiple Release Versions

Give yourself a tap on the back, because this dying trend is thanks to all of you. Remember a few years ago when a new release came in three physical editions, and three digital ones? Pre-ordering would give you xyz and if you got this edition you would get this? Well, it seems that this trend could be a dying breed.

More publishers are opting for simpler releases with a more understandable content plan for games. Instead of three versions to choose from, we have one standard version and one version with some cool goodies. There is normally a small price difference between the two, and the content is the purchasable after release anyway.

If anything, this is a blessing in disguise, as making a decision when purchasing games is much easier and more user-friendly.

Watch_Dogs was probably the tipping point, as users spread their frustration across various platforms, ragin about the game’s six release versions, each missing something compared to the other.

Watch Dogs

Resolution War

I do not mean to break the silence, but this has been great over the past few months. Media and users have been silent on the issues regarding resolution in gaming, and platforms have suffered less fanboy attacks than ever before.

We have seen less arguments focusing on what the Xbox One runs Overwatch on, and more on the game’s content. Frames and texture sizes have taken the back seat, and features and gameplay have moved to the front.

This could not have happened sooner, as it is tiring to see the world focus on the game’s performance on a platform, rather than the game itself.

Of course, this will not last, as come this time next year, we will have new hardware on the market and we can sit and complain about it all over again.

Batman Arkham Knight

What are you thoughts on these dying trends? Let us know in the comments and forum.

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Gaming trends that are slowly dying

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