Xbox One S versus PlayStation Neo – specifications and performance

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Both the Xbox One S and PlayStation Neo are on the horizon, and gamers will soon be faced with a choice between the two consoles.

Although the Xbox One S is not meant to be a massive performance improvement or a 4K gaming machine, gamers may still choose to upgrade their Xbox One to the slimline version instead of the PlayStation Neo if they want to take advantage of Microsoft’s new Play Anywhere feature or platform-exclusive games.

Below are the known specifications and performance details of the two upcoming consoles:


Xbox One S

  • GPU Clock Speed – 914MHz
  • Memory Bandwidth – 219GB/s
  • Memory – 8GB 2,133MHz DDR3 + 32MB ESRAM

PlayStation Neo

  • Compute Units – 36 GCN 4.0
  • GPU Clock Speed – 911MHz
  • Memory – 8GB GDDR5
  • Memory Bandwidth – 218GB/s

Performance Improvements

It is important to note that the Xbox One S is not specifically marketed as a performance improvement over the original Xbox One, but does provide performance increases in a number of games.

The Xbox One’s performance improvements are very small however, with a maximum increase of 9 frames-per-second in certain games.

Conversely, the PlayStation Neo will be a next-gen gaming platform, featuring an advertised 2.3x performance improvement over its predecessor, making it considerably more powerful than the Xbox One S.

The new PlayStation console will probably be priced higher than the Xbox One S, meaning that these two products could exist in different performance and pricing brackets altogether.

Microsoft’s Project Scorpio will be the company’s next-gen console, and is set to appear at some point in 2017.

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Xbox One S versus PlayStation Neo – specifications and performance

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