All the new games revealed at Nintendo’s May Indie World event

Yesterday, Nintendo showcased a bunch of new indie games coming to the Switch.

The Indie World livestream showed independent games from third-party developers.

Here are all of the new indie titles coming to the Switch.

Another Crab’s Treasure — available 2023

Finally, a souls-like where you play as a hermit crab called Kril, who runs like Naruto and uses different shells to defend against enemy attacks.

Batora: Lost Haven — available Fall 2022

Batora: Lost Haven is an isometric action RPG hack-and-slasher that looks like it combines Diablo’s combat with puzzle elements.

Cult of the Lamb — available 2022

Cult of the Lamb is an action-adventure game featuring a randomly generated world in which you play as a possessed lamb who must repay its life debt by starting a cult.

ElecHead — available Summer 2022

ElecHead is a 2D puzzle-platformer in which you play as a tiny robot named Elec, who can detach his head to help you solve puzzles by powering them with an electrical current.

Gibbon: Beyond the Trees — available now

Gibbon: Beyond the Trees involves an emotional story where the player has to survive as one of the most endangered animal species in the world.

Players will have to master a movement system that includes swinging on vines and jumping between trees while trying to avoid dangers like poachers and forest fires.

Gunbrella — available 2023

Gunbrella is a noir-punk action-adventure 2D platformer where you take control of a lumberjack in a western-themed world wielding a weapon that is both a gun and an umbrella.

Mini Motorways — available now

Mini Motorways is a traffic management sim where you will have to plan strategically as your growing city demands more complex roadway designs.

Ooblets — available Summer 2022

Ooblets is a farming sim, but you raise quaint creatures by the same name instead of growing vegetables.

Gameplay activities include running a shop, playing minigames, customising your farm, and participating in dance battles.

SILT — available June

SILT  is a Limbo-esque 2D puzzle-adventure game with some seriously creepy imagery.

The game puts you right at the bottom of the ocean, where you’ll have to possess all manner of abyssal creatures to explore ancient ruins and uncover long-forgotten mysteries.

Soundfall — available Spring 2022

Soundfall is a top-down rhythm-based looter shooter in which players must time their attacks with the game’s soundtrack to increase their effectiveness.

Wayword Strand — available 21 June

Wayward Strand is a narrative adventure game set in a flying hospital in 1970s rural Australia.

You play as Casey Beaumaris, an investigative journalist exploring the patients’ stories.

We are OFK — available Summer 2022

In We Are OFK, players join four friends who are finding their feet in Los Angeles’ music industry. The game promises to deliver an emotional experience via five interactive animated episodes.

Wildfrost — available Winter 2022

Wildfrost is a roguelike deck builder that lets players unlock new cards and challenges with each consecutive playthrough.

In concluding the livestream, Nintendo briefly showed other games that will be released soon:

  • OneShot: World Machine Edition — available this summer
  • Idol Manager — available 25 August
  • Card Shark — demo available now, full game releases on 2 June
  • Cursed to Golf — available this summer
  • A Guidebook of Babel — available this fall
  • Opus: Echo of Starsong — available now

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All the new games revealed at Nintendo’s May Indie World event

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