Square Enix to move beyond PlayStation exclusivity

Square Enix has announced a new business strategy that will see it begin to release titles on platforms besides PlayStation.

This is according to the recently released earnings report for the company, which noted that it would be shifting to a multiplatform strategy to diversify earnings opportunities by strengthening customer contact points.

“For HD titles, the Group will aggressively pursue a multiplatform strategy that includes Nintendo
platforms, PlayStation, Xbox, and PCs,” the report noted.

The company further noted that this would especially be the case for major franchises and AAA titles and will help build an environment where more customers can access and enjoy their catalogue of games.

Additionally, the report indicated that Square Enix will devise a platform strategy for SD titles that include iOS and Android games as well as the possibility of PC launches.

“Furthermore, the Group will strive to maximize the acquisition of new users when launching a title and
that of recurring users after starting management of game operation,” the section of the report concluded.

Given how successful multiplatform games have been in recent years and the lower than expected performance of Final Fantasy 16 – this shift in strategy from Square Enix should come as no surprise.

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Square Enix to move beyond PlayStation exclusivity

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