5 horror games that will make your skin crawl

Alma Wade

Horror games have always been popular, and while some attempts at creating tense atmospheres and terrifying monsters have fallen short of the mark, a few titles get it just right and manage to consistently scare players.

We’ve found some of the scariest horror games across all gaming platforms which manage to mix both great gameplay and terrifying atmosphere.

These five horror games are guaranteed to send some shivers down your spine:

Amnesia: The Dark Descent

Amnesia toys with the character’s (and player’s) sanity and layers its fluid gameplay over a terrifying and eerie setting.


Outlast places the player in a horrifying, dilapidated asylum with no escape and only a night-vision camcorder to help navigate its dark and terrifying landscape.

Alien: Isolation

Merging the classic Alien franchise with dramatic and tense survival gameplay, Alien: Isolation will keep you constantly on edge as you flee an unstoppable Xenomorph.


P.T. is actually a demo for a horror game titled Silent Hills by Hideo Kojima.

Although the game was never completed, the demo forces the character to walk through an infinite loop of the same level, which slowly becomes more and more terrifying.


F.E.A.R. features the infamous Alma Wade, a terrifying embodiment of fear who constantly stalks and toys with the player.

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5 horror games that will make your skin crawl

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