The first No Man’s Sky Review

MyGaming recently reported on a Reddit user, daymeeuhn, who paid over $2,000 on eBay for an early copy of No Man’s Sky.

Daymeeuhn has subsequently completed the game and has posted his thoughts and criticisms of the game in a review.

This is a brief summary of what he thinks so far:

  • There needs to be HUGE game balancing updates because it is very easy to get to the center
  • Its an exploration game first and foremost, won’t meet crazy levels of hype and is as advertised
  • He likes the game and is still playing even after getting to the center and getting platinum.

Check out the full review below (please note that the video may take a short while to cache depending on your internet connection):

This may be the best critique we get for a while as no early copies of the game will be shipped to reviewers prior to release.

You can also check out some of the early gameplay posted by daymeeuhn below:

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The first No Man’s Sky Review

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