Radeon RX 480 vs RX 470 vs RX 460 – price and performance comparison

Radeon RX 480

AMD’s Polaris-based RX Series graphics cards have launched in South Africa, and are aimed at the low-to-mid range PC gaming market.

The Radeon RX 480 offers gaming enthusiasts the opportunity to experience affordable VR with its stellar price-to-performance ratio.

While the Radeon RX 470 and RX 460 are both relatively powerful, they lack the VR capabilities of the flagship Polaris GPU, focussing instead on “brilliant Full HD gaming” and eSPorts performance respectively.

Check out the specifications of the three graphics cards below:


Radeon RX 460
Radeon RX 470
Radeon RX 480
Stream Processors 896 2,048 2,304
Base Clock 1,090MHz 926MHz 1,120MHz
Boost Clock 1,200MHz 1,206MHz 1,266MHz
Memory Speed 7Gbps 6.6Gbps 8Gbps
Memory Amount 2/4GB GDDR5 4GB GDDR5 4/8GB GDDR5
Memory Bus 128-bit 256-bit 256-bit
Memory Bandwidth 112GB/s 211GB/s 256GB/s
TDP <75W 120W 150W
Peak Compute 1.96 TFLOPS 3.80 TFLOPS 5.16 TFLOPS


TechSpot has conducted a real-world gaming performance comparison of a number of graphics cards, including the Radeon RX 480, RX 470, and RX 460.

Check out the benchmarks below (click images to enlarge):



Tomb Raider

Total War Warhammer

Witcher 3


Below is the cheapest available pricing for the Radeon RX Series graphics cards:

  • PowerColor Radeon RX 480 Red Devil 8GB – R5,199
  • PowerColor Radeon RX 470 Red Devil 4GB – R3,999
  • PowerColor Radeon RX 460 Red Devil 2GB – R1,999

All three Polaris graphics cards offer high performance at a relatively lower price than previous graphics card generations, with GPUs like the Radeon RX 460 and RX 470 lowering the cost of building a gaming PC to something more in line with console pricing.

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Radeon RX 480 vs RX 470 vs RX 460 – price and performance comparison

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