How to build a custom PC gaming console for under R7,500

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With the latest generation of graphics card architecture recently being released, the amount of graphics processing power you can get for your money has increased drastically.

This is especially noticeable in budget-oriented cards such as the Radeon RX Series, which caters to gamers seeking high-performance GPU solutions at an affordable price.

A custom-built PC for living room gaming combines the customisation and forward-compatibility of a PC with the user-friendly and comfortable console interface.

PC gamers often use their gaming rigs for various other activities, such as watching movies or working, and one of the advantages of a custom-built PC-console hybrid is that it can be used for a variety of other activities apart from gaming.

If you are a PC gamer seeking to build a sleek and relatively powerful machine for casual gaming on the couch, or a console gamer looking to build an equivalent PC and take advantage of the massive amount of games available on Steam, check out our custom PC-console build below.

The Build

Custom PC Gaming Console Build
Processor Intel Core i3-6100 R2,050
Motherboard Asrock H110M-DGS Micro-ATX R845
Case Cooler Master Elite 343 R458
Memory Kingston Value RAM 8GB DDR4 2,133MHz R571
Storage Seagate Barracuda 1TB 7,200 RPM HDD R885
Graphics Card Powercolor Radeon RX 460 Red Devil 2GB R1,999
Power Supply Corsair VS 350W R567
Total Cost R7,375


The gaming performance of the PC-console build comes down to its graphics processing power, determined by its GPU.

This build uses the Radeon RX 460, a less powerful but efficient Polaris graphics card that delivers slightly better performance than the hardware found inside the PlayStation 4.

To find out more about the Radeon RX 460’s performance capabilities, head over here.

The Intel Core i3-6100 processor is part of Intel’s Skylake CPU lineup, and will not throttle the Radeon RX 460 in any modern Full HD games.

It is also worth noting that the above build is very power efficient, with the graphics card having a TDP of below 75W and not requiring an external PCIe power connector.


In order to both reduce costs and provide a useful gaming interface, this build excludes the installation of Windows in favour of SteamOS, which is Valve’s console-like operating system for couch PC gaming.

Essentially, this means that users can build their own Steam Machines as long as their hardware meets the minimum requirements for the operating system.

To learn more about SteamOS and how to install it on your build, check out the official guide.


This PC-console hybrid build is budget-oriented and subsequently aims to deliver console-level performance or better at a reasonable price point.

Depending on what different PC gamers want from a PC gaming console build, they may opt to add in extra features, such as an SSD or a more powerful graphics card.

Some users may also not have any input device for their PC-console hybrid, and may want to purchase input devices aimed at couch PC gaming.

Below are a few possible build upgrades and various extras:

  • Solid State Drive
  • Mini-ITX motherboard and slim case
  • Upgraded graphics card
  • Keyboard and Mouse Lapboard
  • Xbox One Dongle and Controllers

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How to build a custom PC gaming console for under R7,500

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