This is the first official Microsoft-endorsed Xbox One replacement


MyGaming recently reported on the Lenovo IdeaCentre Y710 Cube, a rather awesome mini-PC that comes with a built-in handle.

What has only recently come to light is the news that this PC will be the first to boast Microsoft’s new Xbox Wireless Ecosystem features.

“With built-in Xbox Wireless, this PC supports all Xbox One wireless accessories — such as the Xbox Wireless Controller — straight out of the box, without needing any additional adapters or wires.”

“Exact implementation in our partners’ devices and accessories will vary based on the type of device and the partner themselves.”
“In the IdeaCentre Y710, for example, we are using the Xbox Wireless Adapter and integrating it inside the physical chassis – the first time this has ever been done officially.”

“At Xbox we believe in playing the games you want, where you want, with the people you want. By expanding the Xbox Wireless ecosystem with new accessories and PCs such as the IdeaCentre Y710, gamers have more choice and more freedom to play anywhere.”

With Microsoft also introducing its Play Anywhere program, you will also be able to use all of these Xbox peripherals to play Windows 10 and Xbox exclusive games.


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This is the first official Microsoft-endorsed Xbox One replacement

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