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Battlefield 1

Fans of the franchise have been given a sneak-peek at what Battlefield 1 has to offer thanks to its open beta, giving eager gamers the chance to try out the shooter and assist DICE with their bug-smashing stage of development; but what do people think of the game so far?

The beta doesn’t necessarily resemble the final product, but it does give somewhat of an indication of how the game will play; so here’s what some of the game journalists are saying so far:

Rock Paper Shotgun

“All in all, it’s a strange mix of familiar feelings. The setting and atmosphere is one of older shooters, when they were entrenched in the conflicts of the 20th century, but much of the chaos and silliness of the modern era has remained. The map is bristling with prototype weapons, even the presence of so many tanks is something that makes you raise an eyebrow.

These industrial killing machines may have been around in War 1, famously triggered by the assassination of indie band Franz Ferdinand, but they wouldn’t have been so numerous.

Of course, fast and loose with history is the way of the blockbuster shooter and, as you may have noticed, I’m not particularly concerned by that (if you want something more “realistic”, I can easily recommend Day of Infamy or Red Orchestra 2). Meanwhile, fans of Battlefields 2 through 2142 will likely be unfazed, happy that the world is still at war and that this war is still as ludicrous as ever.”


“My 15-minute game of Battlefield 1 wasn’t nearly enough time to properly explore all of the features or options (I want to fly the planes!), but it was enough time to confirm that it’s an absolutely awesome game in action.

There are things that could go wrong, of course (those servers had better be working at launch), but I find it hard to see this as being anything other than a monstrously successful game. It looks incredible, it’s exceptionally exciting and immersive, and it appears to be deeper and bigger than any of the previous games in the hugely popular series.”

Battlefield 1 beta

Game Revolution

“Battlefield 1’s beta left with me with mixed impressions, ultimately. I like the sense of scale and the tight gunplay, sure. But the bugs, the awkward vehicles, and the weird loadout system left me with a bad taste in my mouth.

The “but it’s a beta” argument might get raised, but this game’s had issues since the E3 alpha, ones that haven’t been resolved in the subsequent months. Considering the series’ history, I doubt it’ll be all polished off and ready for retail next month.

Unless there’s a massive overhaul, I’d be really dubious of the sixty dollar price tag, plus the absurd fifty buck season pass.”

Playstation Lifestyle

“After playing an unhealthy amount of hours of the BF1 beta and reaching rank 41 (at the time of this writing), it’s safe to say that Battlefield fans will find a lot to love in BF1 (and maybe a few things to not like as much).

Some might play BF1 and see it as just a re-skinned BF4 with a whole heap of World War I stuff draped all over it, which would be A-OK for some people — especially for longtime Battlefield vets.

If you’re one of them, you’ll most likely love the final game when it releases this October 21. If you’re not a fan of DICE’s brand of multiplayer, then there’s a strong possibility that the BF1 beta won’t change your mind.

Now for those new to the franchise, BF1 might be a tad too daunting to take all in at first, but play a few games, grab a few buddies and you’ll be reviving, resupplying and sniping (heh) with the best of them in no time.”


“Even though I’ve just played one map, I feel like I’ve barely scratched the surface of what the beta has to offer. I was thoroughly addicted and had to force myself to quit playing and get other things done today.

I rarely feel so enthusiastic about a game demo (or beta or whatever) and this has me really hyped for the final game. Hopefully I encounter more problems on the PC version so I have something less gushing and more critical to write.”


“This game overall is shaping up to be a game of the year contender, not only a clear love letter to games of days gone past but also a game changer when It comes to authenticity, destruction, sheer dynamic weather, and Levolution that expands what is possible with the current consoles.”


PC World

“Vehicular warfare is probably the most interesting aspect ofBattlefield 1 to me in this early stage because it really did shift so rapidly from 1914 to 1918, as countries sought a cure for trench warfare.

Battlefield 1 might ramp up the action, might play fast and loose with historical veracity, but it nails the feeling of being on the cusp between Napoleonic warfare and modern warfare.”

NZ Gamer

“In the wake of future shooters hitting the market, which offer cybernetic enhancements and laser-filled dogfights in space – Battlefield 1 is a refreshing and bold approach to the first-person genre. Personally I love the rich historical character that the game delivers, and helps differentiate it from the generic near-future, or fictional, shooters.

It reminds of my fond memories of playing the very first few Call of Duty games. It also reminds me of Star Wars Battlefront – and while this game certainly had it flaws, it had a fun factor about it. It was easy to learn and never felt bogged down by menus, or complicated gameplay mechanics.

Battlefield 1 has a similar feel, it’s simple to pick up and play, and the presentation of the menus are intuitive and inviting. All I can hope is that the final release of Battlefield 1 is still centred around ‘fun to play’, rather than ‘make me pay’.”

Battlefield 1 launches on Xbox One, PS4, and PC on 21 October 2016.

Article originally published on MenStuff.co.za.

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What gamers think of Battlefield 1

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