Blizzard could be remastering Diablo 2

Update: The folks over at PC Gamer reached out to Blizzard about the website, who stated bluntly that it was not official and did not belong to them.

Original article:

MyGaming recently reported on the possible announcement of Diablo 4 at this year’s Blizzcon.

Now it seems like that may not be the only Diablo game releasing this year, as a Diablo2HD website has just launched, complete with a 45 day countdown.

It just so happens that the first day of Blizzcon, 4 November, also happens to be exactly 45 days time.

We can’t quite make up our minds whether the site is legitimate or not, but following news that Starcraft is also likely to see an HD remake this doesn’t seem too far-fetched.

Blizzard have also been quite on new releases following the announcements of Overwatch.

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Blizzard could be remastering Diablo 2

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