Battlefield 1’s single-player looks incredible

Battlefield 1 is touching down in October, and while we’ve seen a fair portion of what the multiplayer has to offer in EA’s colossal shooter, we haven’t had much news from the single-player side of things.

Well, EA have just dropped a brand-spanking-new trailer dedicated to the story campaign in Battlefield 1, giving us a look at some of the characters the single-player will feature.

It looks as if DICE are injecting a lot more humanity and heart into the single-player this time around, with some emotional moments set to unfold, and rightfully so.

WWI was the most technologically divergent, and arguably brutal war in history, as rumbling war machines and newly invented automatic weapons came up against horse-mounted cavalry and bayonets.

The world hadn’t seen anything like it before, and it led to many men questioning exactly what they were fighting for.

Battlefield 1 launches on 21 October on Xbox One, PS4, and PC.

Check out the trailer below:

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Battlefield 1’s single-player looks incredible

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