Five of the best and worst Minecraft clones

Minecraft is one of the biggest video games around, and with Microsoft at the helm now they are continuing to grow the franchise beyond anything we could ever imagine.

Who knew that we would one day see Minecraft being used in schools to educate kids? That is just one example how the game has grown into a worldwide phenomenon. While this is all good news, there were bound to be titles that were inspired by Minecraft.

While they are not direct copies of the game, these few titles were clearly inspired by Minecraft’s build and create feature, and its block world.

Portal Knights

While many Minecraft clones pride themselves on their fantastic creation system, Portal Knights somehow manage to merge a fantastic MMORPG system into the game too which brings it into a different light completely.

Instead of a typical world where you sit and build your creation, you can travel between randomly generated sandbox locations each with different enemies and ecosystems. You choose a class like a mage, warrior, or ranger and take on the world around you in a unique battle system.

You can level up your character and unlock new skills and equipment. The best thing about the game is the unique co-op feature that lets you play the entire game with friends. You can create your own world with the help of your online friends, and tackle raids and other PVE content together.

Portal Knights is one of the best Minecraft clones you could find, and its gorgeous world and unique MMO approach should keep you busy for a while.

Dragon Quest Builders

Who thought that the Dragon Quest series could be made into a Minecraft game? We, l Square-Enix successfully created a solid experience with all the Dragon Quest elements like the enemies, items, and even the soundtrack.

While many of the Minecraft clones on this list are online, Dragon Quest Builders prides itself with its phenomenal single player mode that sees you go across different locations each with quests and a story to follow.

If you ask me it is the only thing that keeps me away from Minecraft, the lack of a solid story mode. Dragon Quest Builder’s quest line is unique in its own way, and the people you meet along the way all need something in the world you are in.

Sure if you want to mess around and would rather sit and build the biggest castle ever you can. The world it at your disposal and the game’s block creation system is just like Minecraft, only with Dragon Quest oozing our of every brick.

LEGO Worlds

If you think about Minecraft and it’s creation mode what comes to mind? Toys blocks that can also be put together to create things right? Well, this makes complete sense. While LEGO Worlds is not the best clone on this list due to its dull gameplay, it is still a lot of fun to play and the kids will love it too.

LEGO Worlds has a procedurally-generated environment that changes every time you explore a new place. Of course being a LEGO game it means that everything in the game is LEGO so you can build your world one brick at a time.

LEGO Worlds’ possibilities are endless and as you create more and experiment with different features of each device you will discover new ways to make new things and bring the world not only to life but also give it movement and functionality.

If you think about it, Minecraft could have been copying LEGO all along, but we will leave that discussion for another day.


While the general debate with Terraria and Minecraft goes on for hours about how it is just a 2D version of the classic block game, it is actually quite different, but so much of the same thing.

Terraria’s unique 2D sprite design and classic retro look keep things fresh apart from Minecraft, and at the same time is has a diverse and interesting arsenal of tools, weapons, crafting, and equipment for players who want to experience the best the game has to offer.

Bosses, enemies, and the natural threat of the world keep things in toe throughout the game, and its mechanics and crafting get as complicated as you want them to be. Did I mention it has unicorns? Suck that Minecraft!


Starbound is somewhat a Terraria clone, but also a Minecraft one at the same time. You play as a wanderer in space who beams down onto various planets to explore them and gather materials and crafting items for your adventure.

Like every other game on this list, Starbound has also made use of procedurally generated worlds that range from jungles to lava planets. Each of this offer unique explorations experiences every time you visit one.

The combat in the game quite detailed and instead of just spamming buttons to kill, you have to approach each enemy in a unique way to defeat them. Boss fights are also brilliantly created to provide you with a Megaman-like experience.

If you need a Terraria in space with a Minecraft feel too, then Starbound is the game you should look at. It does a great job of merging all of these game on the list into one adventure.

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Five of the best and worst Minecraft clones

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