What you need to know about Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak

Monster Hunter is one of the longest-running gaming series you can find, with over a dozen different titles on a multitude of platforms.

The most recent is Monster Hunter Rise, available on Switch and PC via Steam.

Well received on both platforms, Rise was announced to be receiving its G Rank DLC titled Sunbreak in June of this year.

Since June is fast approaching, we’ve decided to give you all the details you’ll need to decide whether or not you’d be interested in it.

Now is a great time to begin playing Rise, as you will have six weeks before the DLC releases to get your character up to level.

G Rank

If you’re new to Monster Hunter or have only played one or two titles like the excellent Monster Hunter World, you may not be familiar with G Rank.

It is an umbrella term used to refer to the massive DLC pack most major Monster Hunter games receive after release.

These DLCs always add the final level of difficulty to the games – namely Master Rank quests introduced in Monster Hunter World: Iceborne.

This addition doesn’t just upscale the difficulty of the pre-existing monsters and areas band areas but also adds a massive roster of new monsters and locations.

Usually, the sheer quantity of these additions means the G Rank DLCs are almost as large as the base games they were made for.


Therefore, Sunbreak is slated to double the content currently in Rise, which already offers an excellent deal for players.

This content is centred around introducing several new features, monsters and areas.

In the DLC, you will venture to a new area filled with never before seen monsters and a fresh cast of characters.

Like Iceborne before it, the new area will add a unique hub zone from which to venture out on hunts, craft weapons, and hang out with other Hunters.

From this hub zone, you’ll have the opportunity to hunt a new roster of monsters, returning beasts from previous games and entirely new monsters.

New Features

Also, like Iceborne before it, Sunbreak is set to add new gameplay mechanics.

In Iceborne, the addition of the clutch claw allowed Hunters to latch onto monsters and granted a new layer to its already expansive combat.

Sunbreak follows a similar path and will add a new mechanic to augment the Wirebug combat skills introduced in Rise.

Sunbreak will also offer a new hunting option where players can team up with NPC hunters.


Sunbreak offers a massive amount of new content for Monster Hunter fans and a greater incentive to play Rise if you’ve been on the fence.

The DLC will offer new monsters, new NPCs, a range of new areas and exciting new mechanics.

Not to mention that after its release, players can expect to see more free content added over time, as was the case with Iceborne.

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What you need to know about Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak

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