Starfield gameplay revealed

Bethesda Game Studios revealed a fifteen-minute gameplay trailer for the highly anticipated Starfield game during the Xbox and Bethesda showcase yesterday.

Starfield is Bethesda’s first new IP in 25 years and game director Todd Howard described the title during the showcase event as “Skyrim in space”.

The game’s main story focuses on the last group of space explorers known as “the Constellation”.

You meet them in the capital city of New Atlantis, where you’ll discover that this group of explorers is hunting for artefacts across the systems of Starfield — why these artefacts are so important is for the players to find out.

Starfield is both a first- and third-person RPG powered by Bethesda’s new Creation Engine 2, and the gameplay trailer starts with an arrival on the moon of Kreet — one of more than 1,000 planets that players can travel to and explore freely.

The Starfield gameplay shows a player freely roaming around while mining valuable resources, conducting research projects, crafting weapon and spacesuit mods, and discovering ominous creatures that are also scavenging on Starfield’s many planets.

As the gameplay progresses, the explorer runs into a group of pirates at an abandoned research lab, and it is here where we get to see the XP progression system per kill and the variety of weapons Starfield offers.

The trailer also showcases one of Bethesda’s biggest developments in the game — the heavy customisation options.

The game will allow players to customize skin tones, facial structure, hair, and more.

When building a character, players will have to select three unique traits while the game’s skill system will feature separate ranks and weapon and gear unlocks.

Additionally, players will be able to create their own outposts across multiple plants for resource generation and hire other characters they meet along the way to manage those outposts.

The game also gives players the ability to customize and build their own spacecraft, including crew members, internal layout, and weapon systems.

This suggests that the in-game battles won’t only take place on the ground, but also when flying between the different planets.

While no release window has been confirmed, Starfield is expected in the first quarter of 2023 and the game is set to launch exclusively on PC and Xbox Series X/S.

Watch the Starfield extended gameplay trailer below.

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Starfield gameplay revealed

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