Total War: Three Kingdoms coming to PC Game Pass

Xbox has revealed that Total War: Three Kingdoms is launching on PC Game Pass on 21 June.

Three Kingdoms is the award-winning grand strategy game set in the ancient history of China and allows players to play as one of 12 warlords.

Players will be able to build vast empires through statecraft and conquest while enjoying stunning battles.

Visually, Three Kingdoms is among the most impressive of recent Total War games, and its units and maps are heavily detailed.

Three Kingdoms also boasts one of the best diplomacy systems of any Total War game, allowing for a greater focus on statecraft and diplomatic approaches to victory.

While set in ancient China, the game has two different modes: one allows for a more realistic approach to battle where your lords and commanders will have retinues to protect them, and the other offers an experience more akin to Total War: Warhammer with lords and commanders becoming deadly fighters capable of taking on entire units.

If you enjoy grand strategy and have Xbox Game Pass for PC, then there’s no reason not to try Three Kingdoms.

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Total War: Three Kingdoms coming to PC Game Pass

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