Crytek warns Hunt: Showdown players against using LeMat revolver glitch

Crytek has warned Hunt: Showdown players against using a glitch that gives the LeMat Mark 2 revolver an unintended power boost, as players who take advantage of this bug could face serious consequences.

“We are aware of the issues relating to the LeMat Mark 2 revolver,” said Crytek senior media manager Bence Hamos in a video posted to Twitter.

“Please note that using this exploit can be detected and will result in actions being taken against the exploiter’s account,” he added.

While Hamos didn’t specify what those consequences would be, a series of timed suspensions or a permanent ban (for repeat offenders) wouldn’t be a surprise.

The LeMat Mark 2 is a nine-round revolver that includes a second barrel that houses a one-shot shotgun shell.

This shotgun round deals the equivalent damage of a shotgun at close range, and some players realised that if you equip full-metal jacket rounds and spam the button to switch between normal rounds and the shotgun shell, the gun glitches and replaces the normal rounds with the shotgun rounds.

This means that the gun can shoot nine shotgun rounds at the same fire rate as the normal rounds — creating a pretty horrible experience for an enemy player that challenges someone who has figured out this bug.

This glitch is shown in the video below.

Players have expressed their distinct unhappiness with the situation across multiple threads on the Hunt: Showdown subreddit and Steam discussion forums, and Crytek is working on fixing the exploit.

“The team has been actively working on resolving the bug, and we will release a hotfix in the coming days,” said Hamos.

Despite Crytek’s response, many players are saying that this is not enough, as many are calling for the gun to be disabled entirely while others have said they won’t be playing at all until the fix is implemented.

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Crytek warns Hunt: Showdown players against using LeMat revolver glitch

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