Final Fantasy VII Rebirth revealed

The second game of Final Fantasy’s remake trilogy has been revealed by Square Enix and is titled Final Fantasy VII Rebirth.

This announcement comes shortly after the release of the Final Fantasy VII Intergrade DLC for the first game in the trilogy – Final Fantasy VII Remake.

The remake of the beloved Final Fantasy 7, released in 1997, has been split into three parts and will comprise a series of three full games.

Rebirth will continue the journey of Cloud and company following their escape from Midgar and will take the story into a wider world.

Square Enix hasn’t yet revealed a specific release date, instead indicating that the game will arrive ‘next winter’ and will be playable on PS5.

The gaming company indicated that we can expect more updates on the game very soon.

Along with Rebirth, Square Enix revealed a remaster of the Final Fantasy VII prequel game, Crisis Core Final Fantasy Reunion, which is slated to be released later this year.

Below you can watch the trailer for Final Fantasy VII Rebirth.

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Final Fantasy VII Rebirth revealed

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