CoD4: Star Wars Galactic Warfare mod servers live

We recently reported on the completion of a Call of Duty 4 total conversion mod that was four years in the making – Star Wars Galactic Warfare. Released as a stable and final version 1, the mod promises to reinvigorate Call of Duty 4, which is still one of the most-played PC games in South Africa.

The developers of the mod,, said “This version contains seven maps (Mos Eisly, Bespin, Bestine, Not A Cave, Jundland, Jundland Dusk as well as the new Anchorhead). There is also a new killstreak called ‘viper droid’. The Y-Wing and Tie-Bomber are now part of the killstreak ‘airstrike’ (finally!).” Check out their page over on Mod DB.

SA gaming service providers have also stepped up to host what will hopefully become a popular mod on the local gaming circuit.

Web Africa (WAGE)

Server details

IP address: (port 28960)

Downloads: In-game or from the WAGE FTP

WAGE Galactic Warfare Forum


According to iGame, their Galactic Warfare server has been tested on full rotation and is currently online.

Server Details

IP Address: (port 28960)

Downloads: iGame FTP

iGame Galactic Warfare Forum

iGame list of live servers

IS Gaming

The server is currently setup in FFA mode and will be updated as demand dictates.

Server details

IP Address: (Port 28990)

Downloads: IS Gaming FTP

IS Gaming Galactic Warfare discussion

MWEB Gaming

MWEB Gaming said that they are still waiting to be advised and receive information from their hosting partner before they can reveal the full details on whether or not the Galactic Warfare mod will be appearing on MWEB Gaming servers.


SAIX has yet to respond to our request for information. They are however hosting the mod files on their FTP server; hopefully this means plans for a Galactic Warfare server are in the works.

CoD4: Star Wars Galactic Warfare mod servers live << Comments and views


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  • Capt.Cheap

    HAs any one downloaded the mod from the website(

    I downloaded it and followed the steps in the readme file, and when I open the mod in game it looks like Mod-Warfare, and I know those soldiers should be starwars people(forgot the name).

    Can any one help me, I have checked the readme twice to make sure all the file's are there, and they are.

  • James Etherington-Smith

    Someone who is more familiar with the CoD4 mod menu may be able to confirm this, but I assume you may have to go into the Mod sub-menu and load it?

  • XeroS1x


    Ensure that you extract the actual mod folder from the file you downloaded.

    The mod folder is named "swm_gw1" – Place that into your COD4 mods directory. The mod automaticall loads upon connecting to a SW:GW server.

  • paperbag

    quite sad that no one is playing at the moment 🙁


    I loaded it and it looks fantastic, also managed to get local lan server working.

  • Cjester89

    Mine did not work.. any other ip’s?

CoD4: Star Wars Galactic Warfare mod servers live