Half-Life 3 tease a joke: PC Gamer

In the July 2013 issue of PC Gamer magazine, a preview for what’s coming up in the August edition showed a supposed Half-Life 3 reveal; the internet was set on fire – but it’s all a big joke.

“That’s the joke page at the back of the mag. Every month we close off with something that we hope will make our readers laugh, and it’s usually based on the feature on the cover. For this issue, we thought we’d make fun of Valve,” said Chris Thurston of PC Gamer.

Thurston was referring to the time he visited Valve to do a feature on Dota 2, where he got nothing out of the team.

“While I was there, I asked no questions and received no answers about Half-Life 3. I’m as excited about it as anyone, but if Valve were planning to announce anything through me I assume I would know about it in advance.”

That’s when Thurston thought he’d create a joke about Valve’s secrecy in the magazine.

“The result was a fake elevator control panel with funny names for various floors in their building. Following yesterday’s Half-Life 2 patch, a lot of people have become convinced that it’s all part of an elaborate scheme to reveal the long-awaited sequel.”

The image, which was created by PC Gamer’s art editor, featured some other comically-named floors, which Thurston also clarified.

“Valve also doesn’t have a floor dedicated to knives. As far as I know, there’s no ‘Money Hose Control Centre’. ‘Laser Bay 2′ is an oblique reference to Tron.”

So, there’s no Half-Life 3 for now, unless Valve threatened to drown Thurston with the money hose!?

PC Gamer Half Life Joke

PC Gamer art editor Julian designing the backpage joke image.

Source: PC Gamer

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Half-Life 3 tease a joke: PC Gamer

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