Is your PC more powerful than the Steam average?

Steam factory

Valve has released its Steam Hardware Survey results for December 2014, showing us which components most PC gamers are running.

While not every PC gamer plays through Steam, we can say with a degree of certainty that the results paint an accurate picture of what the average PC looks like.

Now, onto the important bit: does your PC beat the Steam average?

Most popular PC configuration

This combination is what the average Steam user’s PC looks like.

Steam PC
Operating system Windows 7 64 bit
CPU Intel 2.3GHz – 2.69GHz
Primary resolution 1920 x 1080
Multi-monitor resolution 3840 x 1080
Free hard drive space 250GB – 499GB

The Steam survey for December did not seem to have much information on GPUs, and was therefore not as in depth as we would like. If the information is added we will be sure to update the article.

Most popular CPU brands and speeds

Most popular brands.

  • Intel – 74.26%
  • AMD – 25.74%

Most popular CPU speeds.

  1. Intel 2.3 – 2.69GHz
  2. Intel 3.3 – 3.69GHz
  3. Intel 3.0 – 3.29GHz

So, does your PC beat the average? Take part in our quiz and see what your fellow gamers have to say.

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Is your PC more powerful than the Steam average?

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