Batman: Arkham Knight’s re-release for PC arrives October 28

Batman: Arkham Knight’s re-release for PC arrives October 28

Announced alongside the announcement for the latest round of DLC, we’ve known that Batman: Arkham Knight’s re-release for PC would arrive any day now.

Thanks to a post by a community manager over on Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment’s community forum as well as on Steam, we’ve received a confirmed release date, October 28th.

At 10 am PDT, Oct. 28th, Batman: Arkham Knight will be re-released for the PC platform. At the same time we’ll also be releasing a patch that brings the PC version fully up-to-date with content that has been released for console (with the exception of console exclusives).”

Season pass holders will also be granted access to all DLC promised to them, and it’s quite a list.

You’d think, however, for having to put up with their buffoonery Rocksteady and Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment would grant PC gamers an apology that goes beyond, “Well, we done f#@cked up. Our bad.”

Anyway, we’re willing to give Batman: Arkham Knight another shot, if only because we love the caped crusader.

We want to give particular thanks to the members of the PC community who took the time to give us clear, detailed feedback and bug reporting.

Now, get out there and Be The Batman!

– Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment”

You got that right Warner Bros.

Source: Warner Bros. Community Forums

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Batman: Arkham Knight’s re-release for PC arrives October 28

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