Rumour has it that Steam’s Winter Sale arrives shortly

Steam Winter Sale - 2015

Rumour has it, or rather a leak has suggested that Steam’s Winter Sale (our Summer Sale) arrives in less than a week, on December 22nd to be exact.

As with all Winter/Christmas sales, expect prices to be at their very lowest and a huge assortment of titles to be on offer – practically everything will sport massive discounts.

The leak, by the way, comes by way of Paypal, who have once again leaked a sale’s start date.


You should probably also keep in mind that Steam sales no longer use Daily Deals or Flash Sales, and instead have all games at their lowest possible price all of the time.

It’s a little less exciting this way, but it makes finding the best deals a lot easier, and what we really want is the games.

Our advice would be to finish your Christmas shopping before perusing the Steam sale for fear of spending everything and leaving friends and family with nil.

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Rumour has it that Steam’s Winter Sale arrives shortly

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